The Journey Begins


Well, my scented journey, in somehow, actually started from here – my DIM days – my first ever interactive work – so much fun in those days. It opened my eyes about what interaction really means. How I miss my old buddies. The title of this article is exactly like a prophet making joke of myself today by foreseeing what I have been wondering once in a while… life is so funny if you know how to laugh at yourself. Hooray~~~~

After writing up this article, I started my first ever smell project – Smell Me – my life has been changed since then. Still proud of this work till now. It also foresees all the good and bad about working on interactive olfactory installation. Till now, surprisingly, especially these couple of years, many papers refer to my first published paper with my beloved tutors!
special thanks to all my DIM mates & tutors~~~~~ love u all.
Refereed Book Chapters
Boyd Davis, S., Davies, G., Haddad, R. and Lai, M. K. (2007) Smell me: engaging with an interactive olfactory game. In: People and computers XX: engage: proceedings of HCI 2006. People and Computers (20). Springer, London. ISBN 9781846285882. 25-40.