Flip the Book – Flip the Memories (2016).

To explore the role of smell in multimodal interaction at world heritage


This artwork integrates audiovisuals with smells together into a memory book. When the visitor flips the book and puts on the headset, the videos would be projected accordingly on the papers. Also, specific scents would be released from the side.

PUBLICATION – Refereed Conference Paper
Lai, M. K. (2016, May). Flip the Book – Flip the Memories: a Case Study of Multimodal Interaction for the library located in Macao World Heritage site. The 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2016. City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
ISBN: 978-962-442-397-6. pp.297-300

A Reconstruction of the Fading Memory Exhibition, invited by Associação Audio-Visual CUT, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Macao, 28 December – 11 January 2016