Smell Me (2005).

To explore the role of smell in interactive gameplay context


Rather than simply adding smell as an additional output to augment graphics and sound, this game uses smell as a substantive part of the gameplay. It investigates new areas of gaming and interaction which have been little explored. “Smell Me” consists of five connected mini-games: Collect Me, Kiss Me, Drop Me, Mix Me, Follow Me.

Collaboration with Ruba Haddad.

PUBLICATION – Refereed Book Chapter
Boyd Davis, S., Davies, G., Haddad, R. and Lai, M. K. (2007) Smell me: engaging with an interactive olfactory game. In: People and computers XX: Engage: proceedings of HCI 2006. People and Computers (20). Springer, London. ISBN 9781846285882. 25-40.

1  Mindplay New Media Conference,
London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom, SEP 2006
2  React Exhibition
Old Truman Breway Gallery, London, United Kingdom, SEP 2005